The Deluxe Corporation - known for printing check books - was in search of a campaign that would reposition them in the minds of today’s small business owners.
In response, Flow Nonfiction created the Small Business Revolution, a year-long branded content campaign tied to Deluxe’s 100th Anniversary. The 52-week campaign runs throughout 2015 and features the stories behind 100 American small businesses as told by award-winning filmmakers and photojournalists. The SBR micro-site functions as a publishing platform, releasing two stories a week, and full-time social media team is driving brand engagement. Additional buzz is being generated by celebrity spokesman, Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank, with traditional media and earned media nationwide driving traffic to the micro-site. 
Midway through the campaign, it has already been heralded as a resounding success.  Deluxe has enjoyed a phenomenal response from small business owners and from within the industry.  
Checkout the full campaign @
Mario Carrillo fabricates a piece for the seat of a Bronco at ICON in Chatsworth, CA. ICON’s mentality is reminiscent of the early days of the automobile industry, when the focus was on a pure, quality design rather than mass production and taking shortcuts to cut back on time. Photo by Ed Kashi
Located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, the Shack Up Inn is the oldest B&B-- that's bed and beer. Photo by Ed Kashi
A bicycle builder at American Bicycle Group works on a Litespeed frame.  Photo by Ed Kashi
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