Highly driven, creative, and analytical Senior Content, Brand Development, and Internal Communications Strategist with 20+ years of experience in SaaS and B2B sectors. Eliminates the need to outsource design, public relations, and marketing elements by applying expert level creator skills to branding and marketing strategies, leadership and internal communications strategies, and by translating strategic messaging into highly engaging content. Excels in offering real-time, innovative, and achievable creative direction to senior leadership and key stakeholders across the go-to-market ecosystem. Exceeds expectations by leveraging expertise in content strategy, copywriting, video/film production, and creative direction to drive strategic communication and branding initiatives.

Outstanding business acumen and skilled in interpreting and analyzing data with an ability to serve as a branding and marketing partner that can bring strategy to life by prioritizing leadership messaging and translating that into communication that meets the demographic and value targets, both internally and externally. Excels in identifying demographic targets by breaking down customer and partner characteristics and working closely with leadership to drive the most effective customer segmentation and content delivery. Led a global huddle to coordinate and promote internal content and to effectively communicate the organization's messages, engage employees, and support the overall goals of the company. Successfully crafted and executed content strategies that not only captivate audiences but also align with the brand's essence. Provides creative direction that drives engaging and memorable campaigns, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.

Adobe Creative Suite, Mac OS, Windows, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Google Analytics, Word- press, Confluence, Jira, Concur, Lever, Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), Slack

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